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Specific Inquiries

If you need to direct your questions to a specific research site you can find the contact information below.

McGill University, Montreal

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nancy Mayo
Email: nancy.mayo@mcgill.ca

or the

Study coordinator: Lyne Nadeau
Email: outcomesrus@mcgill.ca
Telephone: (438) 722-1600


McMaster University, Hamilton

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ayse Kuspinar
Email: kuspinaa@mcmaster.ca;

or the

Study coordinator: Fariha Chowdhury
Email: chowdf1@mcmaster.ca
Telephone: TBD

Queen’s University, Kingston

Co-Investigator: Dr. Mohammad Auais
Email: mohammad.auais@queensu.ca;

or the

Study coordinator: Martina Franz
Email: HRQL_kingston@queensu.ca

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Co-Investigator: Dr. Ruth Barclay
Email: Ruth.Barclay@umanitoba.ca;

or the

Study coordinator: Yinka Akinrolie
Email: (TBD)
Telephone: (TBD)

UT Health San Antonio

Co-Investigator: Dr. Carole White
Email: whitec2@uthscsa.edu

or the

Study coordinator: Jennifer Brackett
Email: (TBD)
Telephone: (210) 450-8715

Exeter University, Exeter

Co-Investigator: Dr. Mae Mansoubi
Email:  HRQL-OPAL@exeter.ac.uk


Co-Investigator: Dr. Helen Dawes
Email: h.dawes@exeter.ac.uk
Telephone: TBD

Erasmus MC, Medisch Universitair Centrum Rotterdam

Co-Investigator: Dr. Ida J. Korfage
Email: i.korfage@erasmusmc.nl